Digital Nomad

Universe wanderer,
creating moments,
connecting stories,
spreading love…
present in the NOW

Since 2015 on the road and with a very diverse curriculum, from experiences in large multinationals and also with entrepreneurship, to jobs in ecovillages, hospitality, tourism, entertainment and street vendor, I use my skills and knowledge to help businesses and projects that are aligned with my values and life mission.

I can help with:

– Structuring of ideas and Creative Business Plan;

– Project management and administration;

– Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies;

Personal organization and Executive Coaching;

Still wondering how digital tools can help you make your dreams come true?

This video is about Digicoaching, a project I created with Henrique Ferrer in 2013, combining Coaching with Digital Marketing to boost people’s career. The video is old, but it is still very current, even dealing with a subject that changes with incredible speed

I continue to develop, gaining experience and acquiring new tools to unite PURPOSE and SUCCESS, helping people to plan and carry out their Missions, and living an increasingly lighter and connected life with my Higher Self.

*See more about my travel history in “MY STORY


OM love

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Dona Jurema

DONAjurema is a musical and artistic project that seeks to question minds and awaken changes, using ART, EDUCATION and LOVE!