Dona Jurema

“STREET-art, buddy, this is my business card,
Self-discovery, Education, this is the CONQUEST! ”

A musical and artistic project that walks along with me and that slowly has been taking shape and being created in parallel with my personal growth and astral re-connections.

Dona Jurema is a way of disseminating everything I have been absorbing as a holistic therapist and awareness seeker, a social-art project with the mission of “questioning minds and awakening changes, using Art, Education and Love“, and I do this in the form of music, poetry, drawings, performances and workshops.

I traveled 3 years volunteering in Brazil, getting to know myself, observing, absorbing. Playing, singing and passing my message through the streets and inside public transports. And getting in touch with Jurema’s energy.

After venturing into the north and northeast of Brazil, I ended up in Europe, where I had the experience of playing on the street for others cultures and languages, who probably didn’t understand anything, but who could feel a lot.

A dream, a game, a way of expression and connection… energy without explanation!

And being a holistic therapist is really the basis of everything, because looking for self-discovery, self-awareness, working on these issues with others and passing this on, I go deeper and deeper into the subtle perceptions of this wonderful universe… so I can then express all of this through ART!!!

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Cutout of a documentary project produced by @cacoeteproducoes, in Recife / PE in 2019
“Samba Verde” recorded for Estúdio Bagagem in 2017