Dreamer Artist

More than producing and performing,
ART for me is a way of thinking,
creating, breathing … LIVING!

A child’s dream, a passion that came embedded in my “earthly device” and I use it to express my worldview and spiritual learning.

Today my art is still very abstract and difficult to summarize, a work that has been created with love and growing with me at every step. I already have a lot of stories to tell and sometimes I feel like taking the microphone and letting go… but I know that everything has its time and if it has to be, that time will come

I keep learning and building with each step, but soon I will start launching more. The child hasn’t even been born yet, but it already has a name, a face and a lot of hope.

I present to you, DONA-jurema!

“STREET-art, buddy, this is my business card,
Self-discovery, Education, this is the CONQUEST!”

Recorte de um projeto-documentário produzido pela @cacoeteproducoes , em Recife/PE em 2019
Música “Samba Verde” gravada pelo Estúdio Bagagem em 2017