I’m Marcelo, following the path of Yoga, to the beat of the drum… practitioner, student and teacher!

● Asanas & body awareness ● Pranayama & Breathwork ● Meditation
● Nada Yoga ● Sound Healing ● Music Therapy

● Holistic Coaching ● Project Development ● Conscious Entrepreneurship

I will help you
to live a more fulfilling life
identifying and achieving your goals
through various tools, dynamics and practices
that will make you define your life mission
and plan the steps to take it.

Self-discovery, personal organization,
time management and motivation
the keys to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of
but never imagined it was possible.

You are the only responsible for your success,
just have to create your own reality!


OM love

A portal of energy and knowledge focused on providing physical, mental and spiritual health of the being using Yoga as the main tool.

Dona Jurema

DONAjurema is a musical and artistic project that seeks to question minds and awaken changes, using ART, EDUCATION and LOVE!

Sowing seeds with care and love!


In constant change, observing and absorbing each step of the journey. The process of self-discovery is eternal, the most important thing is to keep moving forward, no matter what the speed.


To seek more planetary awareness aligned with the supreme universal intelligence.
And automatically pass this on, for the good of the earth, for the evolution of Being.


To serve and help as I can, with the tools I have access, directly and To serve and help as I can, with the tools I have access, directly and indirectly.
Coaching, Yoga and natural medicines are the basis, but everything is work, be it a thought, a simple smile or a deep and eternal phrase.

Gratitude, Namastê, Haux-HAUX! 🙂 _][_