What do I do?

I’m not helping you, I’m not healing you…
I’m just sharing some tools that help me on my journey!

…and maybe (just maybe), it might make sense to you too! =)

Just a point of view,
on how we can live a more fulfilling life,
identifying and achieving our goals
through tools, dynamics and practices that helps
to visualize and define personal “life missions”
and to plan the steps to make it happen.
Building up an Intention,
attracting and manifesting it!

Self-discovery, personal organization,
time management and motivation

to make you have the life you’ve always dreamed of
but never imagined it was possible.
You are the only responsible for your success,
just have to create your own reality!

As I always say, in all my classes I’m just sharing with friends the tools that I use in my daily life…
– and that’s the vibe, just a point of view about my practices, and how I integrate yoga into my lifestyle!



From foundations, safety tips and basic alignments, to advanced asanas and personal challenges!

*Group and Private Classes (from 60 to 120 min)



Improve and expand the most powerful tool you have, your breath… your magic!!

*Group and Private Classes (from 60 to 120 min)



Live DJ Set and shamanic instruments w/ guided breathwork, meditation & sound massage.

Dive deeply into the Sacred Self; explore states of consciousness between awakening and sleep. The vehicle is musical frequencies, breathe is the fuel. Get ready for awesome new discoveries as you connect with your Higher Self.

more info:
-> islandyogathailand/special-events



A boost in your journey of self-explorations, helping you to have a third-person view of yourself, your motivators and limiting beliefs… clarify your life mission, build your intention with an strategic plan to create your new reality!

➵ Building up your Self-Practice and developing your “Intention” to manifest your dream lifestyle!

PROJECTS & partnerships


Retreat Leader, Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer, event organizer and on-call entertainer, this yoga center has become a second home since I landed on this island, in March 2020… – I’m currently part of the retreat’s resident team!

alquimias sonoras

A music and audiovisual production Label, which mission is to share messages of self-discovery, spiritual awakening and awareness, through productions ranging from hype to underground, approaching different genres, cultures and forms of communication.


Together with @marianaloub on the path of Yoga…

A portal of energy and knowledge focused on providing physical, mental and spiritual health of the being using Yoga as the main tool.

Sowing seeds with care and love!