Who am I?

I’m Marcelo,
following the PATH OF YogA,
to the beat of the drum,
practitioner, student and teacher!

Passionate about movement, self-discovery and personal development, my mission is to inspire changes and motivate people, ON and OFF the mat.

Certified Teacher RYT 500+ (India and Thailand), I am able to lead different types of classes, from intense flows, ashtanga vinyasa and fitness, as well as relaxing classes, restorative, yin yoga, meditation, breathwork, mantra chanting and sound healing.

Currently I have also been dedicating myself to the creation of “Alquimias Sonoras“, a project/hobbie where I have been combining my musical passion with the magic of yoga and sound healing. And of course, always open to add and co-create wherever I am! =)

As I always say, in all my classes I’m just sharing with friends the tools that I use in my daily life…
– and that’s the vibe, just a point of view about my practices, and how I integrate yoga into my lifestyle!


After over 5 years of training Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Callisthenics, still immersed on the business world and living in big cities (São Paulo), Marcelo started exploring Holistic Therapies after a Self-Coaching process in 2013, and “discovered” Yoga in 2016, during a 3-year life-changing journey traveling through Brazil doing voluntary work and studying self-healing techniques, such as Reiki, Yoga, Music Therapy and the Sacred Plant Medicines of the Amazon.

Triggered by human development and energy work Marcelo has also studied Life-Coaching and Holistic Therapies such as Reiki and Massage. He has also explored different yoga styles such as Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yin and Acro Yoga as well as other practices such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Sound Healing.

In 2019 he went to India to deepen his Yoga practice. There he practised Ashtanga Vinyasa with Sharmila Maresh, daughter of R. Saraswathi Jois (KPJAYI) and with Srinatha B. (Yoga with Srinatha) before taking his 500hrs teacher training with Master Santosh Kumar at Yogadarshanam in Mysore. After spending some time in Auroville studying the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, Marcelo went to Thailand to deepen his studies in massage and completed a 60hrs Traditional Thai Yoga Massage training at Sunshine Massage School in Chiang Mai.

Prior to his experiences with Yoga and holistic practices, Marcelo has graduated in Business Management at Mackenzie University, a renowned institution in São Paulo, Brazil and has experienced the corporate world working with International Business and Importation/Exportation in two multinational companies for over 5 years (2008-2013).

He has also launched his own digital marketing agency in 2013 where he provided marketing, social media and entrepreneurship consultancy for start-ups and freelancers, an experience he integrates into his yoga life today by supporting yoga brands developing digital marketing and business strategies.

Besides all that, Marcelo is also a music enthusiast and is currently working on his first album, which shows the entire personal trajectory of his changes, awakening and spiritual learning. He also loves to sing and play mantras in his practices and classes.


Drumming in everywhere since I was a child, always in the world of the moon, I started writing and channeling Dona Jurema when I realized that I was following a path that was not mine.

In no hurry to launch and produce, I keep creating and transcribing messages as the universe asks… but I feel that soon there is a good thing coming!

Yoga Teacher and Holistic Coach

Since I left a stable job in 2013 at a multinational company, I have focused on developing my skills as a holistic therapist. I started this journey with Life-Coaching courses, lectures and workshops, which led me to seek out more about self-discovery and then alternative therapies, spirituality and yoga.

● Today I focus my work on the practice of Integral Yoga that goes far beyond Asanas, Pranayamas, Meditation, Cleanings, Studies, Devotion and Meditation… a way of living

● In Holistic Coaching sessions, which is a broader way of working on human development, based on the pillars of Self-Awareness, Planning/Personal Organization and Life Mission (in the same way as Life-Coaching does), but using tools that look at the Human Being in an integral way, looking to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies

● And also in providing creative classes and workshops.


Since 2015 on the road and with a very diverse curriculum, from experiences in large multinationals and also with entrepreneurship, to jobs in ecovillages, hospitality, tourism, entertainment and street vendor, I use my skills and knowledge to help businesses and projects that are aligned with my values and life mission. I can help with:

Structuring of ideas and Creative Business Plan;

Project management and administration;

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies;

Personal organization and Executive Coaching;

The name “Marcelo Holístico” came up to bring together all these studies and practices in order to pass it on, being able to share what I’m doing, help people also find their ways and even awaken new movements that are asleep within other beings.

During my Yoga immersion with my partner (our sadhana in 2019/2020) we idealized the “OM love” project, which is a portal of energy and knowledge focused on providing physical, mental and spiritual health using Yoga as the main tool. Through OM love we promote classes, workshops and immersions, in addition to sharing educational content on these topics.

“Dona Jurema” is a personal project that was born in 2015, along with my major life change, amid deep deconstructions and immersions in myself, in a scenario watered by confrontations outside the comfort zone, social learning, cleaning and healing with medicines from the forest and spiritual work. A musical and artistic project that goes along with me, and that slowly has been taking shape and being created parallel to my personal growth and astral re-connections. Dona Jurema is a way to share everything I’ve been absorbing as a holistic therapist and awareness seeker, a “social art” project focused on questioning minds and awakening changes using art, education and love!


I graduated in Business Administration (2009) and I have always been “involved as an entrepreneur”. Even when I worked with foreign trade in large companies, I was always drawing some plan in parallel, from the creation of bands to make my hobby become work, to a food supplement business that I started during my “free time”.

But it was at the end of 2012 that I really decided that I was going to create a life with a real purpose to me…

In 2013 I quit from an North American multinational to dedicate 100% to a project I was creating with a friend and it was during this phase that I immersed myself in the world of entrepreneurship. Immersed in fairs, conferences and coaching lectures, start-ups and new businesses, even opening a company inside the Mackenzie Incubator, where we mixed coaching with digital marketing, with a focus on boosting people and using digital tools to maximize their results. “Digicoaching” was the name of the project, I even made big Talks about it!

It was almost three years “playing” as an entrepreneur and trying to create a business that was profitable, but that above all, a job that could gave me pleasure in doing so. And that’s when I started to see that combining these two things (profit and purpose) was not a simple task, because my company, which on paper had a beautiful mission, in practice ended up becoming a “gourmet marketing agency” to be able to survive, a fact that made me rethink the path we were taking.

In 2015 I still tried to give a chance to what I was developing and launched “Musicoach”, to see if focusing on the music market the things could changes to me, but in the same way as the previous business, what gave profit were customers who did not bring me any satisfaction , were definitely not aligned with my values ​​and purpose.

It was then that I decided to “quit everything” for real, this time much more than quit from a stable job, the idea was to go out on the road in search of “deconstructions” and open myself to the new.

And that’s what I did …

I went on a journey through Brazil that ended up lasting another 3 years, where I did almost everything to survive and realized completely different realities than I could have ever imagined.

Between December 2015 and December 2018, I visited 15 Brazilian states, worked as a volunteer in 16 different places and even stayed in the most unexpected places.

A little bit of what I experienced in this long journey of deconstruction, learning, self-discovery and rebirths:

  • Volunteering in various types of host, from hostels and guest-houses, to NGOs, farms and eco-projects;
  • Thousands of kilometers hitchhiked through the north and northeast of Brazil;
  • Experiences and immersions in different cultures;
  • 3 months living in the largest slum in Recife / PE, working with children and developing a practical Life-Coaching workshop with music, art and lots of fun;
  • 2 months immersed in the Amazon rainforest, working and learning about plant medicines and indigenous culture;
  • New points of view, living in different communities, remote locations and difficult to access;
  • Music and street art everywhere I went;

At the end of 2018 I arrived “back” at “home”, in quotes, because after these 3 years I lived, it was impossible to “go back” (as many imagined). I could no longer feel at home there, much less be stuck in ordinary work.

The plan for 2019 was to leave again, on the road through Brazil, but this time with a more structured project of digital nomad and street music, but the Universe did not want this and my heart made me fly to other sides of the world.

In June of 2019 I ended up in Berlin (Germany), where in addition to making music on the streets and subways, I also started to design the “OM love” project with my partner while we started an immersion in the practice and learning of Yoga

The difficulty with my tourist visa led us to Eastern Europe to gain more practical experience of Yoga and time to structure “OM love”. There were months of adventures, training and learning, going through Croatia, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia… we even made a volunteer work on an eco-project in the countryside of Bulgaria. But our plan was to go to India to seek knowledge at the source!

In October of that same year we arrived in India, where we spent 3 months immersed in Yoga and did our 500Hrs Teacher Training in Mysore, as well as an experience as assistant teachers and also a time in Auroville discovering Sri Aurobindo’s Integral Yoga.

In early 2020 we went to Thailand to take a Thai Yoga Massage training (precious skills as Yoga teachers), with the plan to renew our visa and return to India, but the universe had bigger plans for us around the Thai islands.

We spent 1 month in Koh Phangan working at Pyramid Yoga Center, where we launched our Partner Yoga workshop and connected with amazing people.

In March of this year we went to another island (Koh Yao Noi) to work on Island Yoga, this time with marketing and social media (in addition to Yoga classes). Our plan was to stay for 1 month too, but the world pandemic ended up trapping us there and we extended our working partnership with the resort.

…to be continued.

Formation of Being

In constant change, observing and absorbing each step of the journey. The process of self-discovery is eternal, the most important thing is to keep moving forward, no matter what the speed.

Mission of Living

To seek more planetary awareness aligned with the supreme universal intelligence.
And automatically pass this on, for the good of the earth, for the evolution of Being.

Action of Serving

To serve and help as I can, with the tools I have access, directly and indirectly.
Coaching, Yoga and natural medicines are the basis, but everything is work, be it a thought, a simple smile or a deep and eternal phrase.

Gratitude, Namastê, Haux-HAUX! 🙂 _][_