Yoga Teacher and Holistic Coach

Coaching, Yoga, Massage, Reiki and Plant Medicines.
The eternal search for self-discovery and more universal awareness.

Called by westerners “integrative or complementary therapies”, these MILENARY SCIENCES (allied to Coaching) saved my life and that is why I am here today sharing with you.

Therapies that help to free me from the mental slavery we all live in, to know myself better and heal from body and mind evils, little by little gaining more universal awareness.

That is what I do and that is what I am, because even in my art it is these therapies that make me know where I am going.

Feel free to come, I’m always on hand to help!

● Yoga ● Holistic Coaching
● Massage ● Reiki ● Tai Chi
● Plant Medicines


Yoga is a lifestyle, an individual journey of self-discovery and discipline that leads you to take responsibility for your actions and the fruits of what you plant, consequently making you a more generous and committed person with yourself, with the beings that surround you and with the land.

More than a philosophy, an ancient science that studies the human being at all levels and our relationship with the Universe (or source of creation).

From the Sanskrit “Yuj”, Yoga means to unite, to integrate, and the main union that Yoga brings is between the body, the mind and the soul, with the objective of reaching true self-awareness and then being able to access the supreme universal consciousness.

Practicing Yoga means taking care of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, with greater awareness of your energy and the connection with the whole.

  • Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher (RYT 500)
    Yogadarshanam – Mysore, India (2019)
  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
    Sunshine Massage School – Chiang Mai, Thailand (2020)

Hatha Yoga ● Ashtanga Vinyasa ● Vinyasa Flow
Therapeutic Yoga ● Partner Yoga ● Integral Yoga

Live Class – YOOJ Festival (Índia)
Partner Yoga Session at Island Yoga (Thailand)
Kapalabhati Breathing
Nauli Kriya

Holistic Coaching

Personal development process that seeks the empowerment of Being through coaching techniques, organization and life planning, mental reprogramming, self-management and everything that can add to the awakening of a HIGHER SELF (even yoga, reiki, massage and meditation can be tools used during the self-discovery process)

Developed in periodic sessions, so that the Coachees/Clients naturally become their “Self-Coach” over time, and continue to deepen the process of self-awareness and personal management.

*during these sessions, the Coach is just a “driver” of tools and dynamics, a mirror that helps the Coachee/Client to see themselves in third person. Decisions are always made by the Coachee/Client, the Coach never “opines” anything and does not influence the choices, because who knows what is going on is the Coachee/Client. And only those who are going through the process can have the insights and define real personal changes and attitudes, the Coach only assists this process bringing more vision of the whole.

Would you like to awaken your HIGHER SELF?
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  • International Coaching Certification (Professional Coach) – 2014
    IA PERFORMA | FORMACOACH (Raquel Fonseca) – São Paulo / Brasil
  • QUANTUM Method (Assessment) – 2014
    UNIVERSIDADE QUANTUM – São Paulo / Brasil
  • Master Mind Lince  – 2015
    MASTER MIND BRASIL (Napoleon Hill Foundation) – São Paulo / Brasil

And how can digital tools help you realize your dreams?

This video is about Digicoaching, a project I created with Henrique Ferrer in 2013, combining Coaching with Digital Marketing to boost people’s career. The video is old, but it is still very current, even dealing with a subject that changes with incredible speed.

I continue to develop, gaining experience and acquiring new tools to unite PURPOSE and SUCCESS, helping people to plan and carry out their Missions, and living an increasingly lighter and connected life with my Higher Self.


Massage therapy goes far beyond the treatment of pain or a luxury for  few, the therapeutic touch also helps in self-awarenes and can unravel traumas caused by stress, fear, anger and other suffering that congest the vital organs, causing energy imbalances.

  • Quick Massage
    Senac – São Paulo, Brasil (2019)
  • Traditional Thai Yoga Massage
    Sunshine Massage School – Chiang Mai, Thailand (2020)


The forest medicines worked with seriousness and respect provide more universal awareness. I got to know the strength of Ayahuasca and Rapé Indígena in early 2016 and after that my life was completely transformed, in all aspects, way of thinking, relating, eating. For me it was the biggest awakening!

  • Since 2016 learning and studying about plant medicines, natural food, astral trips and the search for consciousness
  • 2-month experience on the Varinawá Catuquina Tribe (Huni Kuin people) and the Canto & Encanto Janaína Spiritual Center | Cruzeiro do Sul / ACRE (Amazon – Brazil)

REIKI / TAI CHI & Qi gong

Reiki made me feel what I was already “understanding” from other perspectives, “Everything is energy and is connected”, just believe and feel the strength.

I recently started practicing Tai Chi and Qi Gong which has been helping me to refine the subtle perceptions and vibrations of matter.

  • Started in Reiki in 2017 | Master Jacierê – Olinda / PE, Brazil
  • Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner since 2020 | David Sharpe – Koh Yao Noi, Thailand